Tuition Fees

School Fees

International School of Bremen is a non profit school. Our operating costs depend entirely on tuition fees. The Board of the International School of Bremen reviews and sets the tuition fees for each upcoming School Year. Fees for the following years may be adjusted in accordance with recommendations from the Board of Trustees and are approved annually.

Annual School Fees and Conditions SY 2023 - 2024 as PDF

Annual School Fees and Conditions SY 2024 - 2025 as PDF

Below you will find a full listing of our annual school fees including additional fees.

School fees maybe paid annually, quarterly or monthly
All registration fees and deposits are due upon receipt of the signed contracts.

Annual School Fees 2023-2024 in Euros

Early Learning 1 - 3  EUR 11.800
Elementary Grade 1 - 4  EUR 13.300
Secondary Grade 5 - 8  EUR 13.700
Secondary Grade 9 - 10  EUR 17.300
Secondary Grade 11 - 12  EUR 17.800
When a student attends ISB and is not resident in the state of Bremen, an additional fee of EUR 1.000 will apply to each Grade level fee annually.

Additional Fees 2023-2024 in Euros

Application Fee (non refundable):  EUR 1.000
Family Registration Fee (non refundable):      EUR 5.000
Security (Book) Deposit (refundable):  EUR    350
Beginning in Grade 1, school fees are tax-deductible in Germany up to € 5000, per child, per year. Please consult a tax advisor regarding applicability in individual cases.

Other costs

These may accrue according to the age and activities of each child. They may include:

Extra-Curricular Activities: Some extra-curricular activities may incur a small fee where an outside provider is used. More information can be found on the Extra Curricular page.

Music Enrichment Programme: Will incur extra charges, highlighted on the MEP page.

Day Trips: May incur a small charge to cover minor expenses.

Overnight Trips: Overnight trips will incur charges to cover accommodation, travel, food and extras on the trip. The residential trip schedule will be reviewed annually and published for each Grade in September to help parents budget for these visits.

Lunch Programme: School lunches are not included in the fees. 

Bursary Programme

ISB has a Bursary Programme
to support families unable to pay full school fees. which is adjusted to their gross family income.

ISB is an independent, self-supporting educational institution registered in Germany as a non-profit association and recognised in the State of Bremen as an “anerkannte Ersatzschule”. The Directors, who will assess all bursary applications and are responsible for establishing policies for the operation of the school, have created a programme for families who can demonstrate financial need after completing a bursary application form.

For further information please click here: Bursary Programme