UK University Preparation Centre

International School of Bremen partnership with the The City of London Freemen’s Global School aims to provide a unique opportunity to deliver a university preparation education, based on the teaching of A-Levels and counselling support for university applicants.

A-Levels are widely recognised as a “gold standard” for university entrance in the United Kingdom. A Levels are also widely accepted in the United States of America, Canada and Australia. The IB Diploma provides a broad range of academic skills, A-Levels generate in-depth subject knowledge, and are preferred by some students.  Top UK schools also provide a series of study skills and life skills to complete the academic learning through A Levels. We would envisage that elements of the current IB programme offered by ISB would be incorporated into their programme.

City of London Freemen’s School, the parent of Freemen’s Global, is a top 5 UK co-educational school based on A Level and GCSE results. Their graduating students move on mostly to the UK’s top 20 Russell Group Universities, with many studying at Oxford and Cambridge as well as Imperial College, London School of Economics, Durham, Warwick and Bristol. The Freemen’s teachers who will deliver Freemen’s Global lessons will be working via the state-of-the-art digital technology, pioneered initially for Harvard University, an immersive online experience.

Students studying through Freemen’s Global at the ISB-Freemen’s UKUPC will be awarded certificates from the top UK Examination Boards, and also certification advising university admissions teams that they have been studying with Freemen’s Global teachers, amongst the best in the UK. This will enhance, significantly, their university applications.

What is a UK University Preparation Centre and what does it do?

Academic Teaching & Support:

Each A Level requires 5 hours of tuition time per week delivered by Freemen’s teachers, plus up to 15 hours of monitored but independent work. On top of that, students will be expected to revise in the run up to examinations, both Mocks and Public Exams.

Learning how to work independently is a critical skill to learn in preparation for university life. Balancing a demanding timetable is another skill. A Levels deliver this and universities come to rely on the fact that the top graded students are not only academically bright, but have mastered the academic disciplines for success.

Students will be studying 3 A Level subjects, plus undertake an ‘Extended Project Qualification’ (EPQ), which is a highly-rated AQA qualification, equivalent to half an A Level in value, assessed via an independent essay of at least 5000 words on a subject of the student’s choice. It is designed to allow students to show their passion for learning, research skills, their referencing skills and their ability to apply concepts to practical situations.

Students working through a 3-subject A Level programme, plus EPQ, can easily expect a 60-hour working week.

A prospective programme for the UKUPC.

The limited time difference between the UK and Germany means the students will connect largely with the timetable developed by Global Freemen’s. The 3 A Level programme will allow for plenty of study time. The additional “holistic” activities are likely to be timetabled around both the taught lessons and their study time.

We believe that a change in educational ‘status’ ( e.g. moving from primary to secondary) does need to be specially ‘marked’ by some change in approach. Education researchers (led by world-renowned Professor John Hattie) recognise a change in ‘learning energy’ when a distinct ‘rise in status’ is acknowledged.

The move from secondary schooling (in class with teacher all of the time) to ‘preparing for university’ is a lift in status.  The shape of the day can reflect this. Ideally it should help the students develop Mentally, Emotionally and Physically.

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