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Student Health


Coronavirus/ COVID-19 

Status: 2nd May 2020

Following the temporary school shutdown on 16th March due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will begin a phased re-opening of the school and welcome back Grade 11 (Class of 2022) and Grade 12 (Class of 2021) students on 5th May.

All external visitors to the school are asked to follow our Virus Control Protocol (English version / German version) which is in place at our Front Office when entering the School. Please remember the social distancing rules of keeping 2 meters apart when approaching the Schóol and speaking to ISB staff.

Access to school by parents
ISB wishes to minimise access to the school. Parents should only come into the building if they have an appointment only. Parents will be required to use the antibac station, sign in and wear a mask at all times while in the School. If parents do enter the building, their temperature will be taken and they must maintain social distancing at all times and should not enter an area where students may be.

Important all ISB community members should notify the School Office if they have taken the test for COVID-19 and of the test result as well.  We need to take next steps and are obligated to inform the departments of Education and Health.
Stay safe and keep healthy!

Helpful links/telephone numbers:

Bremen Coronavirus Telephone Hotline (week days) : 115
At weekends and out of hours please contact the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Bremen (KVHB) 
Telephone: 116 117




Doctors for Accidents

If your child has had an accident in school they are covered by the school health insurance, “Unfallkasse Bremen” and will need to be treated by a “Durchgangsarzt”. For this purpose there are two outpatient clinics at the St-Joseph-Stift Hospital, one specializes in Paediatrics, the other is mainly for adults but does treat children too. You can also take your child to the Professor Hess Kinderklinik at Bremen Mitte Krankenhaus. Check out the list below and ask at the Front Office for help when making your choice.

Always inform the clinic that the accident happened at school (Kindergarten/"Schulunfall").

Outpatient Clinics at the St-Joseph-Stift Hospital : 

Drs. Lippert and Dr. van Wasen
(Specialists in Paediatric surgery and children’s accidents)
Georg-Gröning-Straße 57 (3rd floor)
28209 Bremen
Tel.:  0421 – 610730-10
Fax:  0421 – 610730-11

Please ring before you go.

Drs. Morr and Seyffarth
(Specialists in accident surgery. This clinic treats mainly adults but if the above clinic is shut then they will treat children too.)
Georg-Gröning-Straße 57
28209 Bremen
Tel.:  0421 - 168 204 0
Fax:  0421 - 168 204 10


Consultation times
Monday – Friday      8.00am - 6.00pm.


Emergency/Notfaufnahme Professor Hess Kinderklinik

(Also specialise in paediatric surgery)

Klinikum Bremen-Mitte
Friedrich-Karl-Straße / Ecke Bismarckstraße
28205 Bremen
Tel.:  0421 - 497-5410