Student Health

We take student and staff health seriously at ISB and care for our community.

At ISB all members of the staff hold a current First Aid certificate. We also have a dedicated member of staff, Health Coordinator, who looks after student and staff well being and health matters in school from our Health Office.


Coronavirus/ COVID-19 

All students, staff and visitors are requested to follow the ISB HYGIENE PLAN  which has been drawn up taking into account the current COVID-19 guidelines of the Bremen Senatorin für Kinder und Bildung.
ISB HYGIENE PLAN (updated 17th May 2021)
All community members and visitors may visit the school by prior appointment only. Following the regulations of the Bremen Senate of which come into being on 11th January 2021 please be aware that we can greet only one person (with a child of under 12 years of age) when visiting the school.
All visitors, please ensure you wear a medical mask (surgical or FFP2/KN95) when you are in the school car park or building. 
All external visitors to the school are asked to follow our Virus Control Protocol which is in place at our Front Office when entering the School. 
NEW: If you have have returned from any country/area which is deemed at RISK in the RKI list within the last ten days you should NOT come into the ISB building without having a COVID-19 negative test following the Government regulations and completing the required  quarantine. All travellers into Germany please read the latest information below, updated May 2021:
Helpful links/telephone numbers:
Bremen COVID-19 Telephone Hotline (week days) : 115
At weekends and out of hours please contact the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Bremen (KVHB) 
Telephone: 116 117
On 5th March 2021 a small team of ISB staff comprising of our Biology and Physics Secondary teachers, P.E. teacher, Grade 1 Teacher, Health Coordinator and Front Office staff took the Test Center Rapid Test training and the self testing programme was rolled out at ISB.


ISB Compulsory Antigen Self Tests

Since 19th April it has been a mandatory requirement for all students (Grades 1 - 12) and staff to have an antigen rapid test twice a week if they are in face-to-face schooling.

The antigen rapid tests are provided free by the Bremen Senate and are the self test "Lolly" tests from Lepu Medical.

In the first week of testing staff and students tested in School. Now the Senate has provided single tests which staff and students should use at home before coming into School.

Grades 1 to 11 test at home twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Grade 12 are now on study leave until their Graduation on 18th June, but should test if they come into School for any meetings.

Parents are required to sign the confirmation slip provided with the test kit proving that their child has done the test and that the result was negative.  

Download Parental Negative Test Confirmation slips

Download a Parental Flow Chart Guide On "How to Self Test With Your Child"

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the ISB Health Office.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Student Health Related Absences

If your child is absent from school for health reasons, please notify the School Office by clicking on the button below:

Remember to do this each school day that your child is at home recuperating so their attendance can be accurately recorded.

Students and staff should stay at home if they have flu/virus symptoms,

Parents please note that irrespective of having a negative COVID-19 Antigen test, if your child is unwell they should be symptom-free for 48 hours before returning to School.

CLICK ON THE BELOW IMAGE TO ENLARGE FOR THE GUIDE TO EVALUATION OF SYMPTOMS FLOW CHART. This ISB School Protocol applies to a normal cold or flu, stomach upset or for COVID-19 symptoms.



Student Mental Health

In these challenging times, mental health is an important issue. Especially for young people and children who are not able to be with their school friends and peers and their daily life has changed for them in a way some find difficult to cope with. ISB Secondary students have been reflecting on this and their feedback has been made into this short video to raise mental health awareness.

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