Student Health

We take student and staff health seriously at ISB and care for our community.

At ISB all members of the staff hold a current First Aid certificate. We also have a dedicated member of staff who looks after student and staff well being and health matters in school.


Coronavirus/ COVID-19 

Status: 27th july 2020

The ISB community is currently on summer vacation but the School Office is open from 9am until 2pm each week day.  A member of our admin team is available and ready to answer any enquiries and make appointments.

We hope to welcome students back to school on 19th August. Exactly how the new term will be structured is currently being worked on by the ISB management team and will be announced up ahead of the school reopening.

Measures Taken to Protect our Staff and Students in School
Access to school by parents and external visitors
ISB wishes to minimise access to the school, thus parents and external visitors will be admitted into the building only by appointment.
If parents and visitors do enter the building, they will be required to use one of the the hand sanitizer dispensers stationed in the Foyer and one of the admin staff is required to take their temperature. Please remember to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing at all times.
All external visitors to the school are asked to follow our Virus Control Protocol (English version / German version) which is in place at our Front Office when entering the School.  
If you have have returned from any country/area which is deemed at RISK in the RKI list within the last two weeks you should NOT come into the ISB building without proof of a negative COVID-19 test carried out by the German authorities.
Everyone in school must wear masks. Simple cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth are sufficient. When students are seated in their classes and sufficient distance between students can be reasonably guaranteed, then they can remove the masks. Masks will be worn at all times when social distancing may not be possible. If parents have trouble purchasing masks, they can can contact the Front Office who will direct you to an ISB parent who is providing a range of different masks for sale.

Maintaining hygiene standards
All students, employees, and visitors are required to follow all posted signs and instructions.  All people in school must also wash their hands frequently, maintain social distancing, and wear their masks when in public spaces. 

Stay safe and keep healthy!


Helpful links/telephone numbers:

Bremen COVID-19 Telephone Hotline (week days) : 115
At weekends and out of hours please contact the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Bremen (KVHB) 
Telephone: 116 117

Student Health Related Absences

If your child is absent from school for health reasons, please notify the School Office by clicking on the button below:

Remember to do this each school day that your child is at home recuperating so their attendance can be accurately recorded.

Doctors for Accidents