School Clothing


We are finally ready for parents and students to order the new ISB sports kit/clothing!

As the students now have to wear suitable sports clothing to school on the day that they have a Physical Education lesson, the kit is a great way to ensure that the students have suitable attire. The items on offer are t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, midlayer jumpers, baselayers, tracksuit bottoms and leggings. These are available in colours Red, Black and Grey. We have also designed a backpack (black) and water bottles (red) which are essential school items. The buying of the kit is not mandatory but all the items are very comfortable and are made of sport specific clothing which means they can be worn all day and still be comfortable when sweating. The price is reasonable for the high quality clothing and the delivery is free as all items are sent to ISB and will be distributed to your child.

Player Layer a renown sports company from the UK have set up a website so the students can order directly through them and the clothing will then be delivered to school.

Please check out the Flyer here:

Download the P.E. Kit Info Flyer here

click here to order your p.e. kit &  accessories


We are currently reinventing the ISB House Clothing to find the best possible quality for you. We will post the updates here soon.