School Meals

ISB Hot Lunch Programme

Please note that the below system is changing so some details may no longer apply. Please contact the School Office for more information.

At ISB we use an electronic pay system called MensaMax for our Hot Lunch programme, run by the locally based organisation Schulküchen Bremen e. V.
Our Cafeteria offers fresh organic food for students, staff and visitors which is prepared and cooked on site. A daily 3-course Hot Meal option is offered, buffet style, which students can choose on the day.
For students in Early Learning 1-3 and Grade 1 the cost of the hot meal is €3,30
For Elementary students grades 2-5, Secondary school students the cost is €4,-
Adults will be charged €4,20
As of 24th February, please note that the Hot Meal option prices been adjusted by a small rise of 10 cents. The  Schulküchen Bremen e. V. are a non profit making organisation but they need to ensure their costs are covered and that staff are paid at least a minimum wage.
The Hot Meal buffet option includes a soup, main course, salad and a dessert. 
We also have a Kiosk serving light and healthy snack alternatives to the hot meal programme.
The Cafeteria is open from 7.30am  - 3.15pm, offering food and cold & hot drinks such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, hot chocolate and tea to students, staff and parents.

Payment and Registration

Paying in the school’s Cafeteria and at the Kiosk is effected using a blue lunch chip costing 10€, onto which the user or parent, are able to make a payment, using one of the following means: direct debit, bank transferal or via cash to the Cafeteria. 
If you wish for your child to take part in the Hot Lunch system at ISB please use the Registration Form which you can complete, sign and hand into the ISB Front Office. It will then be passed onto the Kitchen Manager who will register your child into the MensaMax system. You can then pick up the blue lunch chip from the ISB Cafeteria.
After a couple of days you should receive an automatic e-mail giving you information on how to proceed with payment and the MensaMax system login details.
Once the chip is in credit you and child will be able to use the ISB Cafeteria services! 
Guten Appetit!
For any questions about the Hot Lunch system please contact the Kitchen Manager in the ISB Cafeteria or via Schulküchen Bremen e. V.  
Information and Forms: