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We are delighted to announce that the School's Cafeteria will reopen "in person" from Wednesday, 14th April 2021; ELC and Elementary School students will, once again, be provided with a full hot lunch service in the Cafeteria itself, which had been home to Grade 9 students Cohort Area since August 2020. Students will again be able to choose, each day, what they eat without preordering, instead the menu for the following week will be posted on the iSAMs Parent Portal and below. Secondary students will also be able to go down to the Cafeteria in Cohort Groups in their Lunchtime period and pick up hot food, or a snack alternative from the Kiosk to take back to their Cohort Area.

Following COVID-19 hygiene rules facemasks must be worn by all staff and students in the Cafeteria unless eating.

Introducing Frische Pause e.V. ,the association which is taking care of the ISB 's catering needs as of August 2020!

Our Kitchen Team offers fresh organic food for students and staff which is prepared and cooked on site. The meal includes a starter, salad, main course and dessert.. Kiosk snacks are also available.

For students in Early Learning 1-3 and Grades 1 &  2 the cost of the meal is €3,40
For Elementary students grades 3-5, Secondary school students and Staff the cost is €4,-




Payment and Registration

At ISB we use an electronic pay system called MensaMax for our Hot Lunch programme
Each student/staff taking part in the lunch system receives a blue lunch chip (costs 10€), onto which the user or parent, are able to make a payment via direct debit, bank transferal.
Our Kitchen Manager then deducts the cost of the food off the blue chip in the Mensamax system.
If you wish for your child to take part in the lunch system at ISB please use the Registration Form which you can complete, sign and send back to the Frische Pause e. V. office either via post or e-mail scan.
your child will be registered into the MensaMax system by the Frische Pause e. V. office staff.
After a couple of days you should receive an automatic e-mail giving you information on how to proceed with payment and the MensaMax system login details.
You can then pick up the blue lunch chip from the ISB Front Office.
Guten Appetit!
For any questions about the Hot Lunch system please contact Frische Pause e. V.  Office
Information and Forms:

Our Kitchen Manager stocking up the Salad Bar