Forms for Parents

As an ISB parent you may need access to a school form and are not able to come into school for a hard copy so please find below for your convenience to download, print out and return to the School Office as necessary.

Student Absence

Permission for A student absence from school - for a whole day or longer 

Leave of Absence formPlease email the completed and signed Leave of Absence form to the School Office at least two weeks before your child's planned absence.

Student Leaving the School early during the school day

If your child is leaving the school premises early for any reason (i.e. medical appointment), you as a parent don't need don't need to fill out a form but the following procedure does need to be followed:

  • Notify the Front Office via email  at least one day in advance, if possible.
  • Tell your child to pick up a special form from the Front Office for this purpose (Leaving Early Form). 
  • The form is taken by the student to the head of department/school for signaure, preferably the day before the appointment.
  • The student hands in the signed form to the Front Office on their departure, before they sign out of the building.

Student Data Protection Form 

To enable us to know your decision as to whether we can publish your child's photo in school publications, the website and social media.
Necessary for all students since the Data Protection Act came into being in May 2018. Last re-evaluated in November 2022.

GDPR multimedia consent form

Health Forms

Student Health Form (English version) Student Health Form (Deutsche Version)

The Health Form is an essential tool for our staff whilst we are caring for your child at School and is necessary for all students at ISB. Please complete and email to our health staff.

The Medication Permission form is required to be completed signed and given in to the Health Coordinator if your child is taking regular medication (ie antibiotics or eye drops) which needs to be given in school time. Or if you would like your child (as of Grade 6) to receive rescue medication such as pain relief (paracetamol) for a headache.
COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Consent Form for students COVID-19 Antigen tests are currently compulsory for non exempt students. Usually they are carried out by parents at home three x week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but in some cases they need to be done in School so we need parental permission for this.

COVID-19 Antigen Home Testing Parental Confirmation Slip 

If your child has a rapid antigen test at home and the result is negative they may come to School. Please cut off one of the slips, fill it in and sign. Your child will need to present the signed slip to the Admin staff in the Foyer before being allowed into the School building.