Here is a sample of activities our IB students have independently chosen and conducted, either inside school or outside, either in groups or individually:


trumpet, violin, guitar, base, drums, piano, flute, saxophone, singing, school choir, acting, art, photography, pottery, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Persian, Latin, cooking, cake decoration, mixing & music production, arts & crafts, designing, rapping, carpentry.


golf, hockey, tennis, volleyball, badminton, football, basketball, kickboxing, physiotherapy, athletics, swimming, rowing, ballroom dancing, horse-riding, jogging, sky-diving, hiking, bike racing, mountain-biking, sailing, skiing, karate, surfing, scuba diving


Animal shelter, falconry, tutoring, leading a cheer-leading group, leading the primary football club, creating a website, student council, cafeteria, ISB Key Club, Early Learning Centre assistant, fire-brigade, internships in a hospital, visiting a refugee shelter, building a shelter, riding lessons for disabled children, fundraising, gardening, ISB caretaker team, Science Lab assistant, visiting elderly (retirement home).



Bring Out Your Tools... We Are Repairing!

ISB students are helping with the repairing of school objects and the school park. This activity counts as "Service" for their CAS and also helps them learn basic skills one needs when living alone, to be able use a drill is one of them.

Below is a slideshow of our helpful students fixing things at school...


More about CAS....

Check out this link to watch a video to find out more about IB students and the CAS programme.


Key club students are helping out two organisations for Cancer Research and fighting world hunger by selling tulip bulbs! Once the tulip bulbs are sold, students will be able to plant them in our school garden, making it look prettier while caring for others! 

If you want to contribute, there is a basket downstairs in the entrance. For more information please talk to one of the Key Club members or Mrs. Reick our English and Drama teacher. 



September 2021

For those who are looking for an inspiration, this month we have LitQ event in our CAS corner.


Joining events or helping out in them is a great CAS...


Mr. Neumann our German teacher, held  a wonderful event in Malcolm Davis Hall on Sunday, 19th September for the literature club that he is part of. Some students in our school came in the weekend and helped with setting up the event as well as welcoming guests at the entrance which is a great Service! 


3 of our students read poems in their own language which is a Creativity! 


We thank Mr. Neumann for this event!