Here is a sample of activities our IB students have independently chosen and conducted, either inside school or outside, either in groups or individually:


trumpet, violin, guitar, base, drums, piano, flute, saxophone, singing, school choir, acting, art, photography, pottery, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Persian, Latin, cooking, cake decoration, mixing & music production, arts & crafts, designing, rapping, carpentry.


golf, hockey, tennis, volleyball, badminton, football, basketball, kickboxing, physiotherapy, athletics, swimming, rowing, ballroom dancing, horse-riding, jogging, sky-diving, hiking, bike racing, mountain-biking, sailing, skiing, karate, surfing, scuba diving


Animal shelter, falconry, tutoring, leading a cheer-leading group, leading the primary football club, creating a website, student council, cafeteria, ISB Key Club, Early Learning Centre assistant, fire-brigade, internships in a hospital, visiting a refugee shelter, building a shelter, riding lessons for disabled children, fundraising, gardening, ISB caretaker team, Science Lab assistant, visiting elderly (retirement home).



Bring Out Your Tools... We Are Repairing!

ISB students are helping with the repairing of school objects and the school park. This activity counts as "Service" for their CAS and also helps them learn basic skills one needs when living alone, to be able use a drill is one of them.

Below is a slideshow of our helpful students fixing things at school...


More about CAS....

Check out this link to watch a video to find out more about IB students and the CAS programme.

Key club students handed out candy on Tuesday, March 16th, to mark the one-year anniversary of the lockdown and, more importantly, the perseverance of the ISB community. This action also raised awareness for the UNICEF Yemen Relief fundraiser.




Summer 2021

For those who are looking for an inspiration, this season we have book club in our CAS corner.


One of our students joined a virtual book club, in which they discuss current books of some series and the future books. In the book club they also get inspired to write their own pieces. This counts as "Creativity" and for sure helps with your IB studies since reading and understanding is one of the most important parts of IB. When you are reading a book you get drown into it. Your brain just makes you feel like you are in a different world during the period of reading which is a great way to relax. When you meet with the book club members you share the same feeling with those people which is extra great!


Try book club and discover the hidden author in you!


Don't forget that summer holidays is a great opportunity to do CAS work. Find yourself an activity that you can easily do in summer and that you enjoy. 


Have a CAS full of summer!