ISB Support e.V.


The ISB Support e.V. is a non-profit fund-raising organization which is operating separately from the school. The members of the association are community leaders from all types of backgrounds, parents and people who realize the importance of an international school in Bremen. 

In order to ensure the continued development of the school on a secure financial basis, the Support Association seeks to raise funds since the school as a non-profit organization relies on much-valued support through donations and sponsorships.

The Association is committed to supporting the school’s goals and ensuring that the International School of Bremen remains a key contributor to the economic and cultural development of Bremen.

For future projects which improve the quality of education and students’ life within the school, for example our current one the outdoor school as well as other environmental projects, the school will approach the fundraising association with a request for supporting these projects financially. 

The Support Association will also assume responsibility for the financial administration of ISB Events, such as field trips. If there are students who cannot participate for financial reasons, Support e.V. will be invited to assist individual students with financial support.

Board Members

Mr. Sebastian Mastalka
Prof. Dr. W. Bergler
Mr. Jürgen Backes