Gifted children

National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE)

The School is a member of NACE, which is recognised both nationally and internationally as a leading charity in the field of education for able learners. NACE provides guidance, support and training, enabling teachers to attain the best from able learners in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all learners to flourish and achieve. The School is working towards the NACE Challenge Award which is a recognised tool and award for more able school self-review and improvement for all.

NACE continues to maintain an active presence in worldwide Gifted and Talented forums, thus ensuring we bring you the latest research and theories, as well as practical strategies and good practice.


As a NACE member school we believe....

  • The education of more able learners is a whole-school endeavour to be embraced by all school leaders
  • Addressing the needs of more able learners will  raise achievement for a much wider group of learners in a school.
  • Providing for more able learners is not about labelling, but about creating a curriculum and learning opportunities which allow all children to flourish.
  • Ability can be revealed across a range of specific domains or more generally, and not only in traditional academic subjects
  • An ethos of high expectations and aspirations is central for any school providing for more able learners.
  • Teachers are central to providing challenging and enriching education, and their professional development is paramount. 
  • Ability is a fluid concept:it can be developed through challenge, opportunity and self belief.

As a learner do you:

  • Set expectations for yourself?
  • Try a more challenging question or task?
  • Learn something new independently?
  • Ask others to help you reach a goal?
  • Find a new way to challenge yourself?