Outdoor Classroom

The ISB Outdoor Classroom ...

 ... is an outside learning space that allows children to explore and connect with nature and the seasons to aid in the development of initiative, problem solving, creativity, independence, confidence and motor skills. There will be an area where children can experience growing food from a seed to their plate. There will also be an outdoor classroom that multiple subjects can use to enhance the learning experience.


Development so far:

The area has been ploughed, levelled, rolled and seeded. An area for growing fruit and vegetables has been fenced and class plots are being built. Undergrowth has been cleared from below trees and trees have been tidied with low branches and extra growth removed. 3 trees have also been re-planted into the main grass area. A group of Grade 11 CAS students has been building a path so that there is dry access out to the area.

Short term planned developments:

The aim is to complete building the class vegetable plots and get the children growing some plants. Further storage for children’s tools will be added along with rain harvesting to supply water, and a covered area that can be used as an outdoor classroom will be erected. With the arrival of Spring, areas can begin to be managed to encourage wild flower development and more classes can take advantage of the outdoor space.

Student use so far:

Whilst there is still work to be done to get the outdoors area fully usable, some classes have been able to take advantage of it. A combined group of EL2 and EL3 students have used the area for imaginative play, seed planting, making bird feeders, bug hunting, and building a hotel for bugs. The grade 11 Environmental Systems class have used the area to carry out experiments and grade 5 have displayed their kindness stones inside the vegetable plot area.