Outdoor Classroom

The Area:

The Outdoor School has a large grass area surrounded by trees, a small orchard, a fire area, vegetable garden with a rain harvesting shed, wild flower mounds and the outdoor classroom tent. There are also natural log seats, two wells being installed for a sustainable water supply and a greenhouse to assist with growing vegetables from seed.

Use by Students and Teachers:

The Outdoor School is free for all subjects and Grades to use and for teachers to incorporate into their lessons. The space and its natural surroundings can provide an extension of classroom activities as well as providing an alternative environment for lessons. 

Currently all Elementary classes have a regular weekly session in the Outdoor School when they have the opportunity to care for their section of the vegetable garden and take part in a range of activities allowing them to connect with nature.

Further Upcoming Plans:

  • A Grade 12 CAS group will be working on projects to develop a mud kitchen, chalk and sound wall.
  • The development of a wild meadow area next to the vegetable garden to encourage insects.
  • Introducing further areas to provide shade.

Outdoor News

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ISB Outdoor Green Club

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