MINT-EC/STEM is the national excellence network of upper secondary schools with an outstanding mathematical, scientific and technical school profile. The aim is to help lighthouse schools to become MINT talent forges with high-quality offerings for students, teachers and school administrators.

MINT means: mathematics, computer science, science and technology. MINT-EC stands for the National Excellence School Network. Recognition as a MINT-EC school presupposes that the School already meets above-average requirements in the fields of mathematics, science and computer science and offers a wide range of offers for students in the natural sciences.

In the upper school, it is possible to have a focus on the MINT subjects. At ISB, the standard and higher level courses Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered and also selected each year by several students. The combination of the MINT and IB courses is a guided choice at our school within the framework of the IB DP. 

The Schuler Experimentieren (ages up to 14 years old) and Jugend Forscht (ages 15 to 21 years old) are two science research related, country wide, competitions that happen annually in Germany. The main goal of the competitions is to create interest in science and state of the art research at a young age.

In our school, we run a Science Club that supports the students' application to these competitions, enhancing their natural curiosity and interest in science.

We began participating in the Jugend Forscht in the school year 2015/16 with one work in the Physics area. This work won the Regional Wettbewerb for Bremen Nord and was awarded second place on the Landes Wettbewerb for Bremen. In the school year 2016/17, driven by this excellent result, a number of students were enrolled for Physics (3) and Biology (2). Last school year 2017/18 together with the Jugend Forscht (Maths (1), Biology (2) and Physics (2), both Biology and Physics won the Regional Wettbewerb for Bremen Mitte). We have also begun enrolling younger students, for the Schuler Experimentieren (4) of which 3 received honourable mentions. 

During this period, a number of honourable mentions were awarded to the ISB Jugend Forscht students. This year the Science (Jugend Forscht) Club will operate on Mondays from 15:10 until 16:00 and the deadline for project abstract submissions is the 30th of November.