Cambridge Checkpoint

Cambridge Checkpoint

From August 2021 ISB will be introducing the Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum.

Our students in grades 6 to 8 follow the Cambridge Checkpoint curriculum, which provides a solid educational foundation upon which a smooth transition from Elementary to IGCSE and International Baccalaureate can be built.

The curriculum emphasises the importance of the development of essential practical skills, along with the knowledge required to provide students with a flexible and progressive educational experience, seeing them becoming increasingly independent, reflective, and independent learners

As well as the core curriculum, we also offer the opportunity to be involved in the Global Perspectives programme.

We consider our students to be Global Citizens with an international outlook and understanding of our lives, locally, nationally, and internationally.  This innovative, skills-based programme enables our students to think critically about a range of global issues, challenging learners to explore and make judgments on the global issues that matter to them.  The skills they learn through critical thinking, research analysis, evaluation, reflection, and collaboration are crucial transferable skills needed to succeed in school, university, and future careers.