PTA Updates

Vice-President Position

The current Vice-President of the PTA, Vincent Dmytriyev, has taken up a position in the Works Council. Therefore, taking into account his personal desire to resign in order to avoid any conflict of interest and misinterpretation of the role in the PTA, he has chosen to submit his resignation with immediate effect.

The PTA thanks Vincent for his wonderful service to the PTA.

The new Vice President, Ana Abreu, is appointed as a necessary measure until the formal elections have been held at the appointed time.

We welcome Ana to the team!

Meet the PTA

Here is a list of the current PTA officers:

Kary Antoniou           President

Ana Abreu                 Vice-President

Dirk Zeppenfeld        Treasurer

Carla Castillo            Director of Events

Sarah Faustino         Director of Communications

Rhianon Williams     Secretary



Minutes of Meetings

Meeting 4/09/18