Friends of ISB

We are FRIENDS OF ISB. Where Community Meets Opportunity.

The Friends of ISB: Building a Stronger Community Together

Who We Are
The ISB Support e.V. and the PTA have joined forces to become FRIENDS OF ISB (Freundeskreis). Comprised of community leaders, parents, and teachers, we are committed to enhancing the International School of Bremen's contributions to the economic and cultural development of the city.

Why We Exist
We aim to ensure that ISB continues to grow on a secure financial foundation. As a non-profit, the school depends on donations and sponsorships which we actively seek to raise.

Upcoming 25th Anniversary
As we approach the end of this academic year, let's also look forward to 2023/24, when ISB will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Your ongoing commitment makes these milestones possible.

Our Priorities

Our immediate focus is on facility improvements such as the Outdoor School project and a new playground. We envision a back space that serves as an all-year-round sports area with artificial turf and garden green space.

Get Involved

There are numerous ways for families to participate—your input, support, and active involvement are essential for the success of these initiatives. 

Financial Assistance
We also manage the financial aspects of ISB Events like field trips and provide aid to students who require financial support to participate.

Upcoming Events
From Cultural Celebrations to Educational Awareness Evenings, FRIENDS OF ISB aims to create an enriching and inclusive environment through a range of events and workshops.

Your Role
Your support and dedication have been instrumental in our school's growth. Together, we can create a stronger, more unified international community within Bremen.

Stay Tuned
Look out for more updates on how you can become an integral part of this exciting journey. Thank you for your ongoing support!